If you’re looking to sell your property, Sweeney have curated a few helpful tips to ensure that your property has a successful marketing campaign and in turn, a successful sale.


You may have heard this before, however timing is absolute key and if you have the luxury of time, choosing to sell your property at a time when the market is booming is the key to success. When the property market is up, there could potentially be a significant increase in sale price for you.

Promoting your property:

When working with your desired agent, they will create a marketing strategy tailored to your local area, your market trends and of course, your budget. Your agent should have an understanding of what works and what doesn’t to help sell your home. Your marketing plan should not only consist of print and traditional marketing, but also digital marketing.

Top quality photography:

Access to a professional photographer is crucial, who knows how to work with different shapes and lighting to capture the most phenomenal images of your property. Having a professional photographer and images, entices your potential buyers to look through your property online.

De-Clutter and freshen up your home:

Make that first impression and ensure your home is in top-notch condition. The effort you put into preparing your property for a sale makes a significant difference from achieving a standard price to an amazing price. A potential buyer who sees a well-functioning, high quality home, feels comfort when stepping through your property. Give your home a thorough clean, get rid of clutter and store your personal items in a place that isn’t visible. Rearrange your furniture to ensure your home looks and feels inviting, so buyers can move through your home comfortably. These may be small differences, however they can make a massive impact in the speed of selling your home.

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