Your Investment Property

The plus side of investing

The best part of property investing is there’s no specialist knowledge required. Much unlike share trading or bitcoin, property investing can be much simpler and provide great long terms returns. 

Top 4 benefits:

  1. Rental income
  2. Capital growth
  3. Tax benefits
  4. Equity

Rental income

Renting your investment property means you earn rental income each month. Setting up an investment where your rental income covers some, if not all, of your expenses (such as loan payments, insurance etc) means you’re making a profit. Even if you’re not making a profit there are still plenty of benefits to negatively geared properties. Speak to your Sweeney adviser for more info.

Capital Growth

When your property appreciates in value meaning it grew in value since you bought it means you have capital growth. With an average annual growth rate of almost 7% in Australia, buying in the right suburbs can benefit investors in the long term.  

Tax benefits

As a property owner you can claim expenses such as advertising for tenants, cost or repairs and even interest on your loan. Depreciation on your property can also be tax deductible.


As the value of your property grows so does your equity. Using your equity to purchase another property or to make improvements to your existing property is another great benefit of investing.

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