Top questions to ask your mortgage broker

In a nutshell a mortgage broker is a financial mediator between you and your bank or lender. Their job is to look at your financial situation and find the best home loan to suit you. First things first – are they licensed? Check your mortgage broker is licenced and registered with the Mortgage and Finance… Read more »

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How to successfully put your property on the market

If you’re looking to sell your property, Sweeney have curated a few helpful tips to ensure that your property has a successful marketing campaign and in turn, a successful sale. Timing: You may have heard this before, however timing is absolute key and if you have the luxury of time, choosing to sell your property… Read more »

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Four questions to ask when finding a real-estate agent

It’s no secret that finding the right agent for your property is the key to a high sale price for your property. To choose the right agent, it’s best to see how agents are interacting with the buyer and observe how agents handle situations face-to-face. To make it easier for you to choose the perfect… Read more »

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