It’s no secret that finding the right agent for your property is the key to a high sale price for your property. To choose the right agent, it’s best to see how agents are interacting with the buyer and observe how agents handle situations face-to-face. To make it easier for you to choose the perfect agent for your home, we’ve curated four important questions for you to ask your agent, to make the process that little bit easier for you.

1. What experience do you have?

In real estate, having experience is important. So, when you’re talking to an agent, always ask what their experience is like, how many years in the industry they have been in, so you can have an understanding if they’re suitable for you and if they’re capable of securing a high sale price for your property.

2. What local properties have you sold recently?

This question follows after the first, and it’s almost just as important when finding the right agent for your property. If the agent has multiple years of experience, they’ve most likely sold a high amount of properties and this question will shine a light on the agent’s selling ability.

3. How will you market my property?

Real estate marketing is a strategy that involves promoting your home to the general public, to gain a high customer base for your property. The more you market, the higher the chance you’ll sell your property for the best price possible. It’s important to ask how your agent will market your property. Questions like, “Where will you advertise my property online?”, “How often will you promote the property?” or “Will it be featured on an email list?”. If your agent is prepared with adequate responses to these questions, you can rest assured they will do everything they can to promote your property.

4. What separates you from other agencies?

It can be a challenging time to find the right agent. A highly experienced agent will tell you without hesitation, what sets them apart from other agents and agencies. Listen to their answers and understand whether they’re the qualities you’re after in an agent. If they are, then you’re on the right path.

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