Cadet Sales


About Cadet Sales

A cadet is generally someone newly out of school or university – or this position can apply to a mature age person wanting a refreshing career change. The first thing a cadet requires is an Agents Representative Certificate in order to practice their craft in the state of Victoria. These generally (two week full time courses) can be done at the REIV or at many tertiary colleges such as the Victoria University (VUT) with whom Sweeney’s have a training agreement. Speak to your local Sweeney office about details of your nearest VUT campus.

Every top-flight real estate agent started as a cadet. The world of real estate sales is not for the faint hearted. The Elite 10% of Victoria’s Real Estate Agents earn in excess of $300,000 p.a. This is done by a skillful combination of disciplined work and implementing time efficient systems.

A cadetship generally lasts as long as it takes for a novice to familiarise themselves with every aspect of the business. Those with passion and a solid work ethic can achieve this in as short as 18 months. Once your office Principal believes you are ready then it’s time to fly. Real Estate professionals really are self employed people working under the direction of a brand and its director.

Two factors make a successful real estate sales person:

  • The understanding that this is their job for life and they are going to succeed. People who just want to try working in real estate ‘just to see what it’s like’ generally never make it to an elite level.
  • The understanding by cadets that listing real estate (i.e. finding new homes for sale) is 90% of the job. Selling the property in today’s age of websites is becoming less of a focus.

Candidates should acknowledge the often low retainer paid at the start plus commission. Therefore you would need at least six months of financial backing behind you to survive the first year in business.

Because Sweeney insist on the best people in property, we generally pay in access of award remuneration.

At Sweeney we have the best training ground for any cadet in Victoria. We know you are our future.


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