About Administration

The success of a real estate office often begins with the administrator. This position is ideally suited to people with incredible skills of co-ordination and a liking of business format. The variation of work is truly exciting. Along the path of learning administrators will pick up skills in the areas of advertising, marketing, payroll, government legislation, property law plus much more.

The potential for career growth can be limitless. Many great property managers and senior sales staff have come from the ranks of the administrative team.

Having an Agent’s Representative Certificate prior to commencement as an administrator is a bonus. These generally (two week full time courses) can be done at the REIV or at many tertiary colleges such as Victoria University (VUT) with whom Sweeney’s have a training agreement. Speak to your local Sweeney office about details of your nearest VUT campus.

Because Sweeney insist on the best people in property, we generally pay in access of award remuneration.

Sweeney Estate Agents regularly conduct group office training sessions to inform and up skill all group members.

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